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Make Dev Teams More Effective

Diffblue Cover helps developers deliver higher quality code, faster, accelerating your adoption of Shift Left and DevOps.

Unit test-writing is tedious and error-prone, and thousands of unit tests are required for even modest codebases. Without automated unit test-writing, your teams spend less time developing improvements for your products, slowing your time-to-market -- or don't write enough tests.

Diffblue Cover can write a unit test in about 2.5 seconds, making it an ideal partner for developers looking to get meaningful unit test coverage quickly. They can focus on writing the key unit tests that verify the intent of their code, while leadership can see the overall picture and address risks and gaps in coverage.

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Based on a developer working for 6 hours a day, 254 days a year, and a unit test taking on average 10 minutes to write.

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Modernize Legacy Code Quickly

Application modernization is a high priority for many enterprises, but legacy code is often fragile, hard to understand, poorly documented and poorly tested - not a recipe for smooth, low-risk project delivery. Writing the unit tests you need by hand would take months, or even years.

The good news is that cutting-edge tools for AI-augmented coding can now significantly lower developer effort, help with code understanding and reduce risk.

Diffblue Cover can write a full suite of regression unit tests in hours, giving you the coverage baseline you need to start modernizing your applications safely. It then automatically maintains the test suite as your team updates the code.

Transform Software Development

Software testing is the top bottleneck in DevOps, leading to regressions and ultimately slowing your development velocity. Eliminating the burden of writing and maintaining unit tests allows Java teams to shift left and innovate with confidence. With up to 50% more developer effort available, they can focus on building new features, increasing revenues and getting better products to market faster, instead of unproductive coding and risk management.

With Diffblue’s AI for Code technology, coverage gates no longer block rapid delivery of change, agile planning is easier and more effective thanks to a clearer view of risk, and unit testing becomes a scalable, reliable, automatic part of CI pipelines.

Improve Developer Experience

Most developers spend a significant chunk of their time on unit testing because they recognize its importance, but not many say they enjoy it.

Diffblue Cover’s AI-powered platform makes it easier for software developers to do their best work by eliminating the repetitive, tedious, unproductive effort of writing and maintaining unit tests. That means they can spend more time on things they’re really interested in - like building new software and solving difficult coding problems.

No more excuses: Update that legacy code!

If your teams have legacy code that’s stalling modernization or cloud migration, they can run Diffblue Cover’s test to better understand how this code behaves and make changes without worry.

How Your Dev Teams Benefit from Diffblue

On average writing and evaluating a single unit test can take a developer 10 minutes. And in order to achieve effectively high coverage there are 1000s of unit tests that need to be written. This means your team is spending less time developing improvement for your products, slowing your time-to-market or, worse, not writing enough unit tests that put your business at risk.

Speeding up software delivery

Diffblue Cover writes unit tests at the click of a button so developers can spend their time on more creative work

Testing legacy code

Diffblue Cover quickly writes tests for large legacy codebases, and identifies untestable code that should be refactored

Adopting DevOps

Diffblue Cover's automatically written unit tests can help pinpoint regressions early and achieve continuous integration

Meeting coverage targets

Diffblue Cover creates unit tests in bulk to help your team quickly increase coverage

Migrating an app to the cloud

Diffblue Cover can support the transition by ensuring the code to be migrated is tested

Translating code into Java

Diffblue Cover's unit tests can help with successful code compilation

“Diffblue Cover frees up developers to focus on delivering higher quality software, faster – and improves our developers’ experience.”

Jonathan Lofthouse

Managing Director & Global Head of Markets Technology at Citi

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