Unit Regression Tests

A new type of test created by Diffblue Cover

What’s wrong with traditional unit testing?

Unit tests, which verify the behavior of individual building blocks of code, are expensive. They are time-consuming for developers to write, they can be resource-intensive to maintain, and a critical mass of them is needed before they add much value. But they are also expensive to not create: if a major bug slips through to production, it can cost the business untold sums in lost customers, revenue and reputational damage.

A changing approach to unit testing, powered by AI, has made it easier than ever for development teams to get more of the tests they need. Unit regression tests are a new category of tests created by Diffblue Cover, a tool developed by the team of world-leading experts in software verification at the University of Oxford spin-out Diffblue.

This ebook provides a rundown of the basics of unit regression tests written by Diffblue Cover:

  • What are unit regression tests?
  • How are unit regression tests created?
  • The financial benefits of unit regression tests
  • How to get started with unit regression tests
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