About Diffblue

Diffblue is a world leader in AI that understands code.

Our goal is to automate all traditional coding tasks: bug fixing, test writing, finding and fixing exploits, refactoring code, translating from one language to another, and creating original code to fit specifications.

As we progress we are commercialising our blue sky research into a suite of products. Our vision is to make our products ubiquitous, and to make code safer and better and cheaper to produce. We are always looking to hire new talent.

Story of Diffblue

Diffblue was founded in the Oxford University Computer Science Department by Daniel Kroening. Daniel has brought together a team that includes some of the world’s leading experts in computer verification and machine learning.

The core technology, CBMC, was developed over 10 years and today is used throughout the embedded software industry. Diffblue’s first commercial products are now being rolled out to leading blue chip companies.

The people behind Diffblue

  • daniel-kroening
    Daniel Kroening
  • peter-schrammel
    Peter Schrammel
  • vojtech-forejt
    Vojtech Forejt
    Managing Director
  • lilly-bussmann
    Lilly Bussmann
    Board Member
  • cristina-david
    Cristina David
    Research Engineer
  • anna-simpson
    Anna Simpson
    Personal Assistant
  • ian-norris
    Ian Norris
  • james-wilson
    James Wilson
    Product Manager
  • jamie-munro
    Jamie Munro
    Software Engineer
  • joel-allred
    Joel Allred
    Software Engineer
  • john-bergqvist
    John Bergqvist
    Software Engineer
  • kurt-degiorgio
    Kurt Degiorgio
    Research Engineer
  • alessandro-abate
    Alessandro Abate
    Technical Advisor
  • marcelo-sousa
    Marcelo Sousa
    Research Engineer
  • marek-trtik
    Marek Trtik
    Research Engineer
  • matthias-gudemann
    Matthias Güdemann
    Research Engineer
  • nathan-phillips
    Nathan Phillips
    Software Engineer
  • olusegun-adewusi
    Olusegun Adewusi
    QA Engineer
  • owen-jones
    Owen Jones
    Software Engineer
  • pascal-kesseli
    Pascal Kesseli
    Research Engineer
  • pete-west
    Pete West
    Software Engineer
  • rabia-marzhiya
    Rabia Marzhiya
    QA Engineer
  • romain-brenguier
    Romain Brenguier
    Research Engineer
  • sara-sampaio-cruz
    Sara Sampaio Cruz
    SCRUM Master
  • thomas-kiley
    Thomas Kiley
    Software Engineer
  • vlastimil-zeman
    Vlastimil Zeman
    DevOps Engineer
  • lucas-cordeiro
    Lucas Cordeiro
    Research Engineer
  • césar-rodríguez
    César Rodríguez
    Research Engineer
  • chris-smowton
    Chris Smowton
    Research Engineer
  • daniel-poetzl
    Daniel Poetzl
    Research Engineer
  • darren-royle
    Darren Royle
    Software Engineer
  • fotis-koutoulakis
    Fotis Koutoulakis
    Software Engineer