Diffblue is pleased to announce that Andy Piper has joined the company as VP of Engineering. Previously the Head of Product Engineering at CBRE and the CTO of Push Technology Limited, Andy brings over 20 years of combined engineering and technology leadership experience to the role. 

“I’m thrilled to be joining Diffblue and working with the company’s fantastic people and technology,” says Andy, who has a history of building enterprise software products at companies including BEA and Oracle, and holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Cambridge. 

The Diffblue team is made of world-leading experts in software verification and synthesis. Diffblue’s first product, Diffblue Cover, harnesses AI to automatically create unit tests for Java applications to improve the speed of software delivery, boost code quality and increase test coverage. Customers include Goldman Sachs and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In August, Mathew Lodge (former VP of Cloud Services at VMware and SVP at Anaconda) joined Diffblue as CEO. In response to Andy’s appointment, Mathew says, “Ironically, software can help automate all functions of business except its own creation and maintenance. We’re changing that at Diffblue, and Andy’s proven record of engineering leadership and customer-first focus are exactly what we’re looking for as we scale.”