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How To Improve Quality, Time And Cost With Diffblue Cover

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You’ve probably seen versions of the “Pick Two” graphics before. They represent a much repeated Project Management theory that you have to sacrifice at least one factor to gain improvements in the other two. For example: Fast Delivery + Low Cost = Low quality, while High quality + Low Cost = Slow Delivery.

In the human model this is certainly true. For example, you can only throw so much resource at a project to accelerate it before the costs escalate (and, ironically, often the quality decreases) due to the additional complexity in people and processes actually slows things down.

But recent automation in many fields has begun to break the model. The area we are talking about today and in which automation is improving rapidly is the Software Development cycle. A number of tools have emerged that automate various stages of the Software Development Lifecycle (“SDLC”), replacing previously time-consuming, repetitive, human tasks. In the case of automation of testing, the tools typically streamline execution of existing tests. While this clearly has huge impact on the development process, there is a limit to what this type of automation can achieve.