The new Diffblue website and blog

To our regular visitors, you may have noticed a lot few changes to our website, including this new revamped blog. For those just joining us, here’s a quick refresher:

At Diffblue, we develop artificial intelligence for code, automating traditional coding tasks such as bug fixing, refactoring code and test writing. To put it simply, companies love us because we increase efficiency, security, and significantly decrease costs, and developers love us because we free them from the more mundane or laborious aspects of their role.

We’re an Oxford University spin-out founded by Professor Daniel Kroening, CEO, and Dr. Peter Schrammel, CTO, who founded the company in the hallowed halls of Oxford University’s world-leading Computer Science Department.

Since then we’ve been on a significant growth trajectory, developing and rolling out a suite of products for the enterprise. We’ve hit some major milestones along the way, and you may have spotted our $22M Series A funding round last year, which is still one of the largest Series A rounds for an AI company in Europe to date.

Within the space of three short years we have grown from a small group to a team of 60, and we’ve recently moved in to our large new home in Ebbes Street. We’re on the look out for some of the brightest minds in AI and software development, so head over to our careers page if you want to learn more.

This blog will serve as your one-stop-shop for everything Diffblue; expect frequent product updates, thoughts on the industry from our illustrious colleagues, and even a sneak peak into our daily lives.

If you have any thoughts or responses please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or if you would like to contribute to the blog, please get in touch below.

Watch this space.

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At Diffblue we’re a company of developers creating products for developers. So our website is much the same. Hope you enjoy! And definitely checkout our docs, play around with our interactive demo and feel free to let us know what you think.