Building on Customer Success at Diffblue

James Wilson, Customer Success Director

James Wilson, Customer Success Director

Building, understanding and driving success with our customers underpins everything we do here at Diffblue.

As such, we are delighted to let our customers know that we’re expanding our focus on Customer Success. James Wilson has transitioned from leading a large part of our Engineering team for the last 2 years to now leading Customer Success.

Prior to joining Diffblue, James led engineering teams at Oracle and Sophos. He brings valuable experience to our customers that he developed not only during his time at Diffblue, but also as an engineering and QA leader over the last 14 years.

While many of our customers believe that building an awesome product, creating cutting edge research and providing free-to-use versions such as Diffblue Playground should be enough, we still want to do more. We’re building a new class of software using AI for Code, and as such, we believe we need to help our customers get as much value from our software as possible. That’s why we’re investing further in Customer Success and bringing industry and Diffblue expertise right to our customers.

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