Diffblue Cover Is Available on AWS Marketplace

London, 24 May, 2019 - University of Oxford spin-out Diffblue has announced today that its flagship product, Diffblue Cover, is available to buy or use in a 5-day free trial on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

The AWS Marketplace offers a user-friendly platform for quickly finding, comparing, purchasing and deploying cloud software solutions ranging from testing and application development to DevOps and machine learning.

Diffblue Cover uses AI to automatically write comprehensive unit tests for Java applications. Until now, it has been primarily available as an enterprise tool for modernizing legacy code and improving the speed and quality of software development. Diffblue Cover’s presence on the AWS Marketplace will allow organizations to easily use Diffblue for their Java software development and testing needs in AWS.

“We are super excited for Diffblue Cover to be easily accessible to the thousands of developers and organisations using AWS,” says Jeremy Perlman, CRO of Diffblue. “Until now, Diffblue has been principally used by Fortune 1000 companies. We are eager to see how developers and Amazon-native organizations use Diffblue Cover to improve quality and efficiency of software development.”

“Diffblue Cover is the first of our products that use AI to make developers wildly more productive,” adds Professor Daniel Kroening, CEO of Diffblue. “We hope this relationship with AWS Marketplace will create an opportunity for cloud-based companies to experience AI for Code.”

Diffblue Cover is also available to preview in a feature-limited, free-to-use version called Diffblue Playground, which offers a light, but powerful example of AI for Code in action. Diffblue Playground demonstrates unit test-writing technology for either the available Java templates, or your own Java code, in seconds.

About Diffblue

Founded by leading computer scientists from the University of Oxford, Diffblue is changing the way code is developed. Diffblue’s first product, Diffblue Cover, intelligently writes unit tests that help software development teams and organizations efficiently improve their code quality. Diffblue also engages in cutting edge research through its Labs initiatives and in the open source community. Headquartered in Oxford, Diffblue is funded by Goldman Sachs and Oxford Sciences Innovation.

Diffblue: AI for Code.

Learn more at Diffblue.com

See Diffblue Cover on the AWS Marketplace here.