This week, Diffblue had the pleasure to support the University of Oxford by exhibiting at [email protected], a packed conference that attracted an international audience interested in catching up on the latest world-leading research in the artificial intelligence space.

Over the two days of the event (September 17th and 18th), between the innovative talks given by leading business and scientific minds, inquisitive delegates swarmed our stand with questions, insights and discussion topics. To keep things succinct, we’ve distilled down the most common questions and thought it would be valuable to point towards some of our resources that provide these answers:

James Wilson, director of customer success at Diffblue, meeting guests at AI@Oxford

James Wilson, Director of Customer Success at Diffblue, meeting guests at [email protected]

1. What is ‘AI for Code’ all about?

As this was an ‘AI’ themed event, this was bound to be the top question. Given the diverse nature of the AI exhibitors and topics at this event, it was natural for the attendees to want to understand the AI Diffblue is leveraging. Our co-founder and Chief Scientist Daniel Kroening, who also gave a talk at the event, has written a blog about the automated reasoning technology that powers Diffblue’s core artificial intelligence engine. 

2. What does your AI do? Can I see it work?

It’s all very well talking the talk, but it’s often much more interesting (and fun!) to also walk the walk. Given our core product is software, we had the advantage of being able to bring down a working lite demo of Diffblue Cover, our first commercially-available product. Seeing is believing, and it was really energizing to let delegates and exhibitors play on our demo site and see AI for Code in action for themselves.

If you’d like to have a play yourself, we’d love it! You can get a free trial of Diffblue Cover here.

3. Who’s actually found a use for this technology in the real world?

Diffblue’s co-founder and Chief Scientist, Professor Daniel Kroening, presenting on Day 1 of the conference.
Diffblue’s co-founder and Chief Scientist, Professor Daniel Kroening, presenting on Day 1 of the conference.

This was the most requested question and the most fun to answer, given that it’s exciting to be able to share the real-world impact of our technology. 

Goldman Sachs, an early adopter of our technology and a primary customer, have worked with us on our first Diffblue Customer Success Study. In this study, we’ve quantified key performance metrics that highlight the impact our technology can have on core business processes. If you’d like to truly understand how we’re revolutionizing software development, check it out.