Legacy Code

Fix your legacy code woes with a simple press of the ‘easy button’

Fix your legacy code woes with a simple press of the ‘easy button’

Legacy code is a big problem, especially in the financial services industry. Imagine if your IT teams had an easy button that could automatically build a test suite for legacy code. Clicking this button would grant them immediate feedback about the effects of code changes, allowing for the adoption of new tools, improvement in agility and, ultimately, innovation. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Fortunately, one has just been invented.

CEO Daniel Kroening in FT

Our CEO Daniel recently wrote a piece for the Financial Times titled Subprime code: a very avoidable crisis.

In this article, Daniel responds to an earlier article in the FT, Are financial and cyber crises alike?

In summary, while the result can be similar, it’s the intent that is different. With technology, the challenge is not financial debt, but technical debt. And while financial institutions aspire to balance out their technical debt, they have mountains of legacy code that is more often than not misunderstood and mission critical. So finding errors and security holes in this code is becoming harder and harder.

While his article does not talk about Difflblue Cover, we have a unique AI driven product that handles legacy code and helps to get code covered. Head over to our product page or checkout our case study with Goldman Sachs.