Agile software development is an approach that shortens application delivery in the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) and encourages quick responses to user feedback, speeding up response time. Agile software development has taken off because organizations have learned that following these principles is vital for staying competitive today. But what does the process of agile development actually look like in practice, and where do you begin? These links can help: 

1. Agile 101

This succinct overview by the Agile Alliance covers the basic history of the agile movement, the different frameworks agile proponents use, and key concepts to know. 

2. What is agile methodology? Modern software development explained

This InfoWorld article talks about what enterprises need to know about the agile movement and the competitive advantages of encouraging engineering teams to follow it.

3. The Agile Coach - What is Agile?

Atlassian has a “no-nonsense guide to agile development” which starts here. This page contains all of the topics a developer looking to start following agile principles might need.

4. What is agile development?

This article differentiates agile development from DevOps. Though the two methodologies often go hand-in-hand, there are some key differences that make one or the other a better choice depending on the task. Check out the article for more info. 

5. What is Agile Software Development?

This guide has helpful diagrams and gets into the various stages of the SDLC in more detail.

6. What is Agile? What is Scrum?

This FAQ list answers the most common questions asked about agile software development, Scrum, Kanban and more.

7. What is Agile Methodology? How It Works, Best Practices, Tools

Stackify has put together a list of useful tools for agile software development, which are helpful regardless of your familiarity with the topic.

8. Introduction to Agile Software Development Methods

This helpful white paper has some use-cases of agile using examples of stages throughout the SDLC.