We already know that trying to achieve the delivery of high quality software at speed is an ongoing challenge, but what we wanted to learn is how developers think it can be solved. 

Over the last two months, we surveyed 300 developers to find out what they think is wrong with software quality and efficiency, and how they would improve it. 200 developers in the United States and 100 in the United Kingdom answered our survey, and the results indicated one thing: Developers need help!

We’ve organized the findings into six key themes that tell a pretty interesting story: 

  1. Developers think their companies’ software quality could be improved
  2. Current attempts at achieving code quality come at a high cost
  3. Developers feel they cannot currently meet the quality targets their organizations impose on them
  4. Developers agree about what is needed to produce better quality code
  5. Developers agree that unit tests can facilitate DevOps
  6. Targeted automation can improve developer job satisfaction

It would appear that providing automation support for developers is a key aspect of DevOps that can’t be done halfway. Companies that aim to fully embrace DevOps practices need to find a way to actually live up to the mantra “Automate Everything” so they can eliminate the gaps that require manual effort and cause development teams pain.

The findings are publicly available, and a full PDF of the report with graphs and charts can be downloaded from the same page. Hope you find it as interesting as we do!