What made you want to work in the tech industry (specifically, at a start-up)?

Since my studies at secondary school, I have been most interested in subjects where I could learn and apply principles, rather than learning tons of facts by heart - like mathematics, physics and computer science. Also, I used to play video games a lot, so the combination of those two steered me towards studying computer science and working in the tech industry.

I also believe that a start-up environment allows you to have a greater impact. It is very nice to be known for the work you have done. For example, here at Diffblue, the whole company celebrates when someone has achieved something.

Headshot of Diffblue intern, Ján Jendrušák

What can you suggest to future interns?

I find everyone at Diffblue to be very friendly and welcoming. You can learn a lot about different areas just by chatting with your colleagues on other teams, so I think trying to meet and talk to a lot of people around the company would be my main suggestion.

How is this role kickstarting your career?

I believe this internship is really helpful. It’s great to do an internship in the UK because it allows me to improve my English, and I am learning a lot from the very sharp people at Diffblue.

Where do you see your career going in the future?

I would like to finish my Bachelor’s and then continue studying with a Master’s degree. I think I would like to focus on AI because that field fascinates me a lot, but AI has a lot of subfields, and I am not quite sure which one(s) to choose. After university I would like to work in this field, and I like Diffblue’s “research spirit,” so it would be nice to work in a similar environment.