We are thrilled to announce that Diffblue Cover: Community Edition is now available as a free plugin for IntelliJ. For the first time ever, anyone can use Diffblue’s AI technology to create unit tests for open source Java projects.

Diffblue Cover automatically generates unit tests for Java code. These unit tests improve code quality by making it easier to catch regressions faster and earlier in the software development lifecycle—and they’re created almost as fast as you can click the button “Write Tests.”

How it works 

GIF to demonstrate how to use Diffblue Cover Community Edition

The unique technology behind Diffblue Cover is based on reinforcement learning and has been in development for years by researchers in the computer science department of the University of Oxford. The unit tests created by Diffblue Cover are complete, human-readable, ready to run immediately, and automatically maintained. There’s nothing else out there quite like it.

Diffblue Cover: Community Edition is software for Linux and Windows that runs 100% locally on your computer. You can run it on your entire open-source Java project, just one class, or anything in between.

Cover also supports Spring Java apps and writes tests that use standard Spring idioms and mocking.

Ready to get started?

To start creating tests with Community Edition, download the Intelli-J plugin via JetBrains. You can refer to our docs for a step-by-step guide that will help you get set up.

Join the Community

To get support, talk with our team, give your feedback and connect with other users of Community Edition, join our new Community Forum. We’re excited to hear what you think!