Every year, Diffblue conducts a developer survey on a different topic - and this year’s topic was Spring. The results of our responses from 450 Java developers are out now, in the 2021 Spring Framework User Survey, which is available to read and download for free.

This survey asked how Spring and Spring Boot users differ from Java developers who don’t use either: what are the differences in attitudes towards testing? How do code coverage and code quality compare at their organizations? 

The findings suggest that Spring/Spring Boot Framework users:

  • Most highly value quality in their organization’s code, with stability and speed almost tied for second
  • Report higher code coverage (all of the respondents who reported 100% Java unit test coverage were Spring/Spring Boot users)
  • Report better code quality in their organizations
  • Are the most likely to agree that unit tests make it easier to modernize legacy code and migrate to the cloud

The survey also asked Spring users what they consider to be the main benefits of Spring/Spring Boot, and ‘Easier setup of web interfaces/APIs’ in first and ‘testing support’ a close second.

To see the rest of the findings, read the report!