What’s a CrowdChat? It’s a chance to participate in a global discussion across Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms, and Diffblue will be hosting our first ever on May 15th at 3:30pm BST. The theme for this CrowdChat is a challenge we’ve all encountered: “Accelerating Software Engineering without Compromising on Quality.” AI is especially well suited to speeding up the development process, which is why we’re excited to field your questions about the future of AI for Code in a live chat.

What We’ll Be Discussing

  • How can software developers and IT managers find the perfect balance between achieving faster delivery of a high-quality product at a manageable cost?
  • What is the role of AI and automation in helping developers accelerate software development without compromising on quality?
  • What are the vulnerabilities in existing approaches to speeding up software development, and the challenges they create for businesses?
  • What’s the next stage of innovation in unit testing, beyond simply automating parts of the process?
  • The future of coding in an automated testing environment

How to Participate

  1. Visit the CrowdChat portal on May 15th at 3.30pm BST
  2. Click ‘Follow’ under the blue Diffblue owl logo
  3. A prompt window will appear asking you to sign in with your preferred social network (Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook)
  4. Authorize CrowdChat to use your account
  5. You’re all set! You’ll be redirected to the CrowdChat and ready to go!
  6. Remember to include #diffchat with each post to make sure it’s included and seen!

Meet the Panel

The CrowdChat will be hosted by experts in the area of AI and software development, who will answer your questions and address comments together as a panel.

  • Professor Daniel Kroening is Diffblue’s CEO and co-founder, as well as a professor of computer science at Oxford University. As the inventor of the CBMC framework, the powerful technology behind Diffblue’s AI tools, he is looking forward to discussing how this technology is transforming software development.
  • Dr. Venkat Subramaniam is an award-winning author, founder of Agile Developer, Inc. and AgileLearner.com, and professor of computer science at the University of Houston, who has trained thousands of developers in agile practices. He is also an expert on Java.
  • Mala Gupta is a Java Champion, author, director at Women Who Code, and a developer advocate at Jet Brains, who speaks regularly at industry events.
  • Roberto Cortez is a Java Champion, public speaker, and blogger with more than 20 years of Java experience.
  • Elias Nogueira is a post graduate professor and lead software engineer in Test who is an active speaker in the dev community.

We will also be joined by James Wilson and Darren Royle, two of Diffblue’s resident software experts who are happy to answer any technical questions you may have about Diffblue Cover.

Get Your Questions Ready

The best way to prepare your questions and discussion points for the CrowdChat is to get a free trial of Diffblue Cover. See AI for Code in action and share your thoughts with us using the #diffchat hashtag.

We hope to see you there!