Developers loathe testing. Multiple layers of integration coupled with difficult deployment rules mean that this once-simple process has become cumbersome.

Testing already takes up 30% of coders’ time, and professional testers are in exceptionally high demand. At the same time, there’s a damaging perception that talented coders shun this type of work. There’s little to get excited about when it comes to fixing syntax errors.

But despite its ‘unsexy’ reputation, testing is too important to ignore. This is especially true when we consider emerging technologies. The code base for a self-driving car will have no room for error. Equally, errors in the code for important applications such as satellite systems or air traffic control could have catastrophic consequences. The problem, is that relying on humans to test enormously complex and important code is too big a risk to take. Failure is not an option.

humorous cartoon about writing test scripts for test scripts

At Diffblue we’re solving this problem by transforming the concept of ‘testing’ from simple bug spotting to a fully automated process focused on actually improving the program itself. Using AI, testing will become the most important part of the development process, a task that materially improves code, and takes up little to no developer time.

Diffblue technology means that we are getting closer to automating all traditional coding tasks, and we’ve already developed market-leading products that automate everything from bug fixing and test writing, to creating original code to fit specifications.

We passionately believe that testing is one of the most exciting and innovative fields in software development, with huge implications for the development industry. Everyone from hobbyist coders all the way up to major enterprises will use automation to create code that is better, quicker and cheaper to develop.

In short, the tools we are developing are a hugely important step towards an entirely self-coding future. We’re taking testing from the most loathed task to the most exciting field in the software development industry.