There are a lot of testing tools out there, but which ones are worth using? To find out, we asked 450 participants in our 2021 Spring Framework User Survey to rate the usefulness of a variety of testing tools, from ‘not at all useful’ to ‘very useful’: JUnit, JMockit, Serenity, Mockito, PowerMock, Diffblue Cover*, Parasoft Jtest, TestNG, Spock and Cucumber. 


Since the majority of these tools are fairly well known and popular, it’s not surprising that the responses leaned more towards ‘useful’ than ‘not useful’ (see the table below for the full results in descending order of ‘very useful’-ness):

* Diffblue Cover is owned by Diffblue Ltd. Participant data was collected anonymously via a third party and did not intentionally include any Diffblue Ltd customers.

Results according to Spring Framework Users

Our participants varied according to which Java framework they used (if any), so we also broke down the responses based on framework type. As you can see below,  framework usage has quite an impact on the usefulness of different tools.

For Spring Framework Users, the table looks like this:

Results according to Non-Spring Framework Users

Developers who use a framework other than Spring have the most varied responses of all. Serenity and Spock have jumped way up in usefulness for this group compared to the other two.

Results according to Java developers who don’t use a framework

To try Diffblue Cover yourself, download the free IntelliJ plugin or sign up for a free  trial of the CLI tool.