Whether you want to improve your regression suite or please your team lead, increasing code coverage is a great goal. But knowing how to get started can be hard. We’ve put together some useful advice by developers, for developers, with answers to questions you might have had:

1. How to Drastically Improve Code Coverage

This StackExchange discussion is a good quick summary of possible solutions to a relatively common problem: needing to increase code coverage for a legacy application with a few major issues. This thread is a few years old, but the responses still hold up today. 

2. Improve Java Code Coverage and Quality with Unit Tests and JaCoCo

This Medium article gives a good summary of how to use JaCoCo. Check out the comments for further discussion. 

3. How to increase test code coverage

This wiki page for an open source mobile health platform is also helpful for learning how to increase coverage using JaCoCo.

4. Increasing code coverage for Java apps

This Medium-hosted article is another guide to improving code quality by increasing coverage with the JaCoCo Maven plugin.

5. What are some good ways to increase code coverage in automated tests

The answers to this Quora question are specifically about using automated tests to increase code coverage, which is a good overview of some of the options available to you.

6. How do you efficiently increase unit test coverage in Java? 

We’ve dabbled in this subject ourselves! Check out our blog for tips on using AI to increase code coverage for your Java applications.