Automated Java Unit Testing for your CI Pipeline

Diffblue Cover creates and keeps your entire teams unit tests up-to-date within your GitHub, Maven, Jenkins or other CI pipelines.

Diffblue Cover CLI output

Introduce Resiliency to your CI Pipeline

With multiple generations of code and numerous developers keeping track of your coverage and pinpointing regressions in your code can be extremely diffcult. Diffblue Cover makes keeping your tests comprehensive and up-to-date easy.

Establish Benchmarks for your application

Diffblue Cover analyzes your existing Java program and writes unit tests that reflect the current behavior or your code to establish a baseline.

Identify regressions before its too late

When your code’s behavior changes, Diffblue will make sure you know before your this new behavior sneaks its way into production.

In depth coverage reports

Diffblue Cover will let you deep dive into your coverage with interactive reports so you can make sure your most critical code is covered.

Tests that developers can actually read

If your teams have heaps of legacy code that’s stalling or prolonging the development cycle, they can run Dffblue Cover’s test to better understand how this code behaves and make changes without worry.

Example of a Diffblue Cover unit test

It’s not magic, it’s A.I.

Reinforcement learning to be precise.

Index application

Diffblue analyzes the project to determine the structure of your application, builds a map of classes and methods.

Create test candidates

Diffblue creates a test candidate for each unit-testable method in your application.

Evaluate test candidates

Diffblue runs the test candidates to check how good they are.

Determine highest reward

Diffblue predicts which changes to the candidate tests will trigger additional branches to produce higher coverage. Repeat until a suitable test suite has been found.

Our CLI is great for teams working together

Working independently? Testing as you code with our free IntelliJ plugin might be a better match.

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