Diffblue Refactor & Repair

  • Diffblue Repair acts like a virtual code assistant, suggesting code improvements directly in a developer's IDE or CI platform.
  • Diffblue Repair proposes verified code changes to modernise new or legacy code while preserving correctness.
  • Diffblue Repair can both perform advanced refactorings and repair, by proposing mergeable code fixes to developers.

Diffblue Secure

  • Diffblue Secure is a next generation application security tool that analyses your software end-to-end and accurately finds and provides fix guidance for the repair of critical application security vulnerabilities.

Diffblue Microservices Testing

  • Diffblue Microservices Testing is a solution for automated regression testing of service and microservice applications.
  • It enables automated component, integration, and end-to-end testing of (micro)services.
  • The tests achieve a level of code coverage similar to what you can see in production.
  • It has found dozens of bugs in a matter of hours in multiple projects. Learn more about our early results here.

Open Source CBMC

  • Diffblue is a leading contributor to the open source CBMC project.
  • At Diffblue we appreciate the value of helping each other and believe in the idea of building a unified community; one that understands the benefits of supporting each other - more eyes saves time and improves maintenance which leads to better software.

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