Automatically find nasty corner cases early during development.

Microservice Testing automatically generates rich and relevant inputs for your API that exhaustively test the logic of your code while it is still under development. No need to wait for QA or canary deployment to find nasty corner cases.

Why Diffblue Microservice Testing:

  • Detect API regressions automatically, without creating test cases. Microservice Testing automatically ensures that the public interface of a service has not unintentionally changed after a code update.

  • Increase the robustness of your code.

  • Automatically assess the robustness of your code. Find interactions between seemingly unrelated modules in the code. Automatically discover input validation problems, error responses, infinite loops, unhandled exceptions, data races, excessive resource utilization etc.

    • Shorten your CD/CI pipeline with 100% actionable tests.

  • Run Diffblue Microservice Testing right inside your CD/CI pipeline. Generated tests and crash reports include concrete API request that you can run or debug.

Use Case: Apache Solr

Testing Apache Solr’s code for bugs and vulnerabilities automatically

Apache Solr is an open source enterprise search platform written in Java. It is a quite complex code base spanning 288 KLOC. We ran Diffblue Microservice Testing for 24h to generate API regression tests for Solr and we achieved 36% coverage in 7-preselected packages.

We reported some of these bugs and the Solr developers have already started fixing them (SOLR-13181 and SOLR-8666 are great examples).

Read the full story of early Diffblue Microservice Testing results in detail here.

Diffblue Microservice Testing achieved 36% coverage in just 24hr

Excitingly, the tool automatically found 77 different crash-triggering requests (HTTP 500)

Excitingly, the tool automatically found 77 different crash-triggering requests (HTTP 500)

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  • Provide a hands on overview how you currently develop and test microservices projects and how you will do so following trial completion.

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