Diffblue Cover

Diffblue Cover is an AI-powered tool that automatically writes unit tests for Java applications. Diffblue Cover makes it possible to see the impact of code changes on both new and legacy code, and enables informed decisions that ultimately lead to higher-quality code, faster.

With Diffblue Cover, you can:

  • Automatically create comprehensive unit tests for any Java application

  • Instantly generate JUnit tests for legacy code

  • Increase code coverage automatically, with tests for even hard-to-test code and edge cases

  • Improve regression suites to help developers better understand the impact of code changes, enabling more agile development practices

Setting up Diffblue Cover from Amazon Web Services Marketplace

Usage Instructions

1. Launch the product via 1-Click.

2. Go to https://<EC2_Instance_Public_DNS> and accept the certificate

3. Log in using the following credentials:

- Username: ami-user

- Password: the instance_id of the instance

4. Click Add Project

- Enter a project name, e.g. java-demo

- Enter a GitHub URL, e.g. https://github.com/diffblue/java-demo

- Click Continue

- Select Branch Master

- Click Add Project

5. When the project has been created, click Start New Analysis

6. Click View Progress to see the results as they are being produced

Note: When launching from the EC2 console the https security group needs to be added.

Note: Do not upload confidential information to a publicly accessible instance. Secure the network access to your instance: see AWS Security Documentation

For additional information and instructions visit our 'Getting Started with Diffblue Cover’ documentation.

If you’re still unsure on the steps to make for an optimal set up, just click below and one of our experts will be in touch shortly to help out!

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As a spin-out from University of Oxford, we believe in intellectual rigour, openness and innovation. We regularly publish our work in academic settings to ensure that it benefits from the scrutiny of our peers in the AI community and to advance the overall state of AI that understands code.