Automatically Write Java Unit Tests as You Code

Diffblue Cover Plugin for IntelliJ lets you generate unit tests for each of your Java code classes and methods as soon as you write or edit your code with one click. Write better tests, more quickly than is even practical (or even possible) than writing manually.

Diffblue Cover IntelliJ Plugin example test

You’re wasting your time writing unit tests

Pausing your train of thought to write new unit tests or worse trying to figure out which test to write after the fact is annoying. And each test you write will probably take around 10 minutes to write and execute.

With Diffblue Cover, it takes 10 seconds. Just a quick click once you’ve written or edited your code and a human-readable test is written so you can continue coding without distraction.

Write a unit test with one-click

Next to every testable class and method a flask icon will appear to instantly generate a test.

Instantly understand testability

Next to every testable class and method a flask icon will appear to instantly generate a test.

Tests organized for easy review

All the tests you write for your files will be clearly sorted under for easy test review.

Tests that developers can actually read

If your teams have heaps of legacy code that’s stalling or prolonging the development cycle, they can run Dffblue Cover’s test to better understand how this code behaves and make changes without worry.

Example of a Diffblue Cover unit test

It’s not magic, it’s A.I.

Reinforcement learning to be precise.

Index application

Diffblue analyzes the project to determine the structure of your application, builds a map of classes and methods.

Create test candidates

Diffblue creates a test candidate for each unit-testable method in your application.

Evaluate test candidates

Diffblue runs the test candidates to check how good they are.

Determine highest reward

Diffblue predicts which changes to the candidate tests will trigger additional branches to produce higher coverage. Repeat until a suitable test suite has been found.

The Plugin is completely free... so start generating tests right now

Rather integrate Diffblue Cover into your CI pipeline for your entire team to benefit? Check out Diffblue Cover for you CI Workflow.

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