Diffblue Cover Plans

Autonomous, AI-powered Java unit test writing

Community Edition

For individual developers

Use on specific classes
and methods

100 tests / day

  • AI-written unit tests for Java applications
  • IntelliJ Plugin only
  • Write tests for individual classes or methods
  • Community forum support

Teams Edition

For smaller projects

Use on up to 250,000
lines of code

500 tests / user / day

  • AI-written unit tests for Java Applications
  • Diffblue Cover CLI
  • IntelliJ Plugin
  • Cover Reports: advanced test analytics dashboard
  • Write tests for whole projects
  • Service desk support
  • Online license check
  • Diffblue contract

Enterprise Edition

For any application

Use on unlimited
lines of code

Unlimited test writing

  • All the features of Teams Edition, plus...

  • CI pipeline plug-in
  • Cover Optimize: cut your build time & cost by 50%
  • Cover Refactor: automatically make code testable
  • Dedicated account team
  • Enterprise support
  • On-premises license server
  • Enterprise contracting: contract on your paper
  • Full indemnification

View the Datasheet to learn more about the technology supported by Diffblue Cover.

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Who needs a license for Diffblue Cover?

Any developer who uses Diffblue generated tests needs a license key to validate and activate the product. This includes anyone either:

  • Directly generating and/or running tests through their desktop
  • Indirectly generating and/or running tests through an automated build pipeline. 

Diffblue pricing is based on lines of code in the projects where it is used, not on individual user licenses.

For more information view our license documentation

What is Diffblue Cover?

Diffblue Cover creates suites of unit tests that run in your continuous integration pipeline between versions and protect against regressions, so you can catch errors faster and earlier in the software development lifecycle. To learn more, see our our product page.

What are the benefits of using Diffblue Cover?

Diffblue Cover helps your team increase automation of your CI pipeline.

For development teams, this:

  • improves velocity and quality of the software you deliver
  • frees up time to focus on creating new features

For DevOps teams, this:

  • helps catch errors and issues earlier (shift left!)
  • improves deployment frequency, lead time, and mean time to repair (MTTR)

Will the tests find regressions in my code?

Yes. Diffblue Cover quickly generates tests that will allow you to adopt CI. The generated tests will help developers quickly identify regressions in subsequent commits before committing new versions.

What are the requirements for running Diffblue Cover?

See the product datasheet for more information.

How can I learn more about customers using Diffblue Cover?

See our case study on how Goldman Sachs has benefited from using Diffblue Cover to increase coverage and create a safety net against regressions.

For example of other ways our customers use Diffblue Cover, click here.

How do we maintain Diffblue unit tests in the future?

Diffblue regression suites are maintained automatically and updated with each new code version to capture the current behavior of the code.

How does Diffblue Cover help me adopt Continuous Integration?

Diffblue Cover AI analyzes your code and writes Java unit tests that run in a CI pipeline after each commit. Cover’s tests:

  • Always compile
  • Run quickly
  • Detect regressions from previous versions
  • Improve coverage
  • Are easy to understand

Should our team stop writing unit tests after adopting Diffblue Cover?

No. Diffblue Cover is meant to complement your own unit tests and help you catch regressions.

How is a unit test different from a Diffblue regression suite?

Developers write individual unit tests to test specific functionality. Diffblue regression suites are generated automatically to help find regressions early in the development cycle. Find out more in our Unit Regression Tests eBook.