Making truly continuous integration for Java development possible

Don't work for DevOps. Make DevOps work for you

Consistently deploying to production many times a day is hard. For most engineering teams, the automated continuous integration (CI) process seems to have lots of non automated steps and pitfalls. 

Pull Request Generated

Shift left to continuous testing

Complement developer unit testing with Diffblue regression tests generated in your CI process. They run fast and verify new code changes immediately. With Diffblue Cover, engineering teams catch regressions early and often, and test maintenance is automated. 

Automatically integrated in your workflow

Diffblue Cover integrates with your workflow via Git.

  1. Get started. Add your Git repository
  2. Create baseline. Cover's AI writes unit tests
  3. Find regressions. Unit tests flag regressions in new commits
  4. Maintain. Cover writes updated tests from updated mainline

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Why you should use Diffblue Cover

For Developers

Complement your existing unit testing to catch regressions early and often

For DevOps

Streamline your CI, improving lead time, deployment frequency, mean time to restore (MTTR) and change fail percentage

For Everyone

Regressions don’t find themselves. Diffblue’s AI for Code helps you find them, improving development efficiency and quality

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