Diffblue Cover makes truly continuous integration for Java development possible

What does Diffblue Cover do?

Diffblue Cover analyzes your existing Java program and writes unit regression tests that reflect the current behavior of the code.

When your code's behavior changes, Diffblue Cover's tests alert you.

How does it work?

Diffblue Cover is software for Linux and Windows that runs 100% locally on your computer.

You can run it on your entire Java project, just one class, or anything in between. It gets your project structure and dependencies from Maven or Gradle. Cover supports Spring Java apps and writes tests that use standard Spring idioms and mocking.

For more info about the environments, operating systems, and Java versions that Diffblue Cover supports and the requirements for running it, read the datasheet.

How do I use it?

A workflow with Diffblue Cover looks like this:

  1. Run Diffblue Cover on your Java codebase to create a test baseline of the code's behavior
  2. When you make your next PR, Cover's tests will alert you to changes in code behavior
  3. Fix unintended behavior changes
  4. Run Diffblue Cover again to create a new baseline and keep tests up-to-date

Why use it?

Diffblue Cover helps you...


  • Improve the efficiency and quality of the software your organization delivers
  • Catch bugs and regressions before they get to the customer
  • Save the business time and money on software engineering

Manager, VP or Director

  • Build and scale faster
  • Improve your team's development efficiency
  • Increase code coverage in key applications
  • Complement existing test suites with tests that can catch cases developers might miss

DevOps Engineer

  • Catch errors, bugs, and regressions early and often
  • Streamline your CI pipeline, improving lead time, deployment frequency, velocity, mean time to restore (MTTR) and change fail percentage
  • Integrate with more confidence

Software Developer

  • Find and fix regressions and bugs more quickly
  • Improve the quality of the software you deliver
  • Free up time to focus on creating interesting new features

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Don't work for DevOps. Make DevOps work for you.

Diffblue Cover brings automation to the test-writing process

Consistently deploying to production many times a day is hard. For most engineering teams, the automated continuous integration (CI) process seems to have a lot of non-automated steps and pitfalls. 

Diffblue Cover uses AI to create regression unit test suites for Java code, which would otherwise take days or weeks to write manually.

Pull Request Generated

Shift left to continuous testing

Complement developer unit testing with Diffblue regression tests generated in your CI process. They run fast and verify new code changes immediately. With Diffblue Cover, engineering teams catch regressions early and often, and test maintenance is automated. 

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