Use Cases

How Diffblue Cover could help you and your team

How do customers use Diffblue Cover?

Speeding up software delivery

Diffblue cover can write a years’ worth of unit tests in 8 hours, at the click of a button. So developers can spend their time on more creative work.

Meeting coverage targets

Get to 70% coverage in half the time! Diffblue Cover creates unit tests in bulk to help your team quickly assess the quality of your test suite.

Testing legacy code

Our tests document your code, making scary code changes easy. This helps you to quickly writes tests for large legacy codebases, and identifies untestable code that should be refactored.

Verify new behaviour

Diffblue cover can help describe the behaviour of new code and speed up code reviews. During smaller code reviews this allows Developers to focus on behavior, not code.

Migrating apps to the cloud

Diffblue Cover can support the migration from applications to microservices by ensuring the code to be migrated is tested.

Translating code into Java

Diffblue Cover's unit tests can help with successful code compilation.

Adopting DevOps

Diffblue Cover's automatically generated unit tests can help pinpoint regressions early and achieve continuous integration

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