What we do

DiffBlue is a world leader in automated test generation. Our products have been developed with industry partners over the last ten years and replace the manual process of writing tests.

Instead of manually writing tests, DiffBlue generates tests automatically. This means that you save a lot of time and money. Plus, our high coverage tests make your code more reliable.

Our easy-to-use UI allows you to test your full code base as well as continuously validate each new commit. Using a highly intuitive scoring system, you see exactly which part of the code needs more work and exactly where it’s going wrong.

The product will be fully integrated with continuous integration servers such as Jenkins and software repositories such as GitHub.

Today our tools are available for C and Java and our Javascript product is currently being developed. Further languages (PHP, C#, etc) will follow.
Precise, directed test case generation
Automated bug finding & support for debugging your code
Continuous tracking of software quality while you develop
Seamless integration with your versioning and continuous integration system

Who we are

Daniel Kroening
Professor of Computer Science at University of Oxford, UK. Daniel has 15 years of experience in building software verification tools. Author of the CBMC verification framework. CBMC is used by Siemens, Toyota, Bosch, Blackberry, Tata Group and many more.
Peter Schrammel
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Computer Science at University of Sussex, UK. Significant experience as software development project lead in the embedded systems industry. Research track record in program analysis.
Vojtech Forejt
Managing Director
Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Oxford, UK. Vojtech is an expert on systems' performance and reliability. In DiffBlue, he oversees the development of the web application stack, and is part of the team that develops methods for measuring code coverage.
Alessandro Abate
Technical Advisor
Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Oxford, UK. His scientific research interests are in the analysis, verification, and control of probabilistic and hybrid systems. In DiffBlue, he oversees the integration of learning with testing and verification.
Cristina David
Technical Lead
After obtaining her PhD from the National University of Singapore on the verification of heap manipulating programs, Cristina joined University of Oxford as a research assistant. Her interests and expertise lie in the areas of program verification, program synthesis, software engineering and yoga.
Dario Cattaruzza
Research Engineer
System and Software engineer specializing in full life cycle development of embedded systems. PhD student in Computer Science at Oxford specializing in linear hybrid system analysis. In diffBlue he works on trace generation and machine learning algorithms for error classification.
Matthias Güdemann
Research Engineer
Software and systems engineer with significant experience in using formal verification in the railway domain. Research track record in formal model-based safety analysis.
Pascal Kesseli
Research Engineer
Pascal is a PhD student in Computer Science at Oxford, specializing in techniques for improving code coverage and automated repair of errors in programs.
Rajdeep Mukherjee
Research Engineer
Rajdeep is a PhD student in Computer Science at Oxford, specializing mainly in the automated analysis of hardware design.
Martin Brain
Research Engineer
Besides working for DiffBlue, Martin is a research assistant at the University of Oxford. He specialises in program abstractions and analysis of floating-point programs.
Daniel Poetzl
Research Engineer
Daniel is a PhD student in Computer Science at Oxford, specializing in the automated analysis of concurrent programs.
Joyita Raksit
Research Engineer
Joyita's experience spans startups to the BBC to stock exchange trading systems, her interests are in user centered design, responsive frameworks and data visualisation
Chris Smowton
Research Engineer
Chris' PhD examined partial evaluation from a systems perspective, executing FS-related syscalls at specialisation time and verifying the results at runtime. Most recently he worked for Cancer Research UK improving various biological software.
Marcelo Sousa
Research Engineer
Marcelo is a PhD student in Computer Science at Oxford, specializing in analysis of code whose correctness depends on relations between objects (such as Java's Comparator interfaces) and in concurrent software.

Work with us

Be part of DiffBlue Ltd, a recently founded Oxford-based startup that develops cutting-edge technology to help software developers increase productivity and focus on creating exciting, high-quality software. We are looking for bright minds who complement and reinforce our current team of 12 engineers and researchers.
Senior C++ Developer for Program Analysis
We are looking for a senior C++ developer contributing to the development of a compiler / interpreter / program translator for web programming languages.
Senior Back-End Web Developer
We are looking for a senior web developer responsible for developing the application server components for our innovative software analysis services.

Email us at info@diffblue.com
We are based in King Charles House, Park End Street, Oxford, OX1 1JD

DiffBlue Limited registered in the UK under company no. 09958102
Registered office address: Ignition Law, Wework Floor 3, 9 Devonsire Sq, London, EC2M 4YD